Andrew Ruano
Contemporary Artist of Robots.
Andrew Ruano a.k.a. Arystudio is a SoCal based artist that has developed a unique style since 2006. In 2012 was when his signature style of the Robots was born, and he has not looked back since. 
The Ary Robots, as it has been known by, has brought color and joy to collectors locally, nationwide and around the world, including Sweden, Mexico, South Korea, Chile, Sri Lanka. 
His work has been exhibited at the Chocolate and Art Show,  Pancakes & Booze LA, SF & Oakland, Hellada Gallery, The Hive, Resin, Beyond the Lines, Squeeze Art Collective, Expo Art Center’s North Gallery, Patches and Pins Expo, LA County Fair, Pasadena Artwalk, Toy Robot Expo Pasadena, The OC Night Market, Love Long Beach Fest.
Thank you!